The Public Record: Georgia Senator says it doesn’t matter if Donald Trump used the N-word

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The Players: Georgia State Sen. Michael Williams appeared on CNN this week and was interviewed by Victor Blackwell. One of the topics they discussed was the allegation that Donald Trump used the N-word in a taping of The Apprentice. More on Williams’ viewpoint in a moment.

Astute readers may remember that Williams was actually a candidate for Governor in the July republican primary and that he gained national attention for driving a “deportation bus” around the state, stopping in cities he claimed were sanctuary cities.

Williams also responded to the Boy Scouts’ decision to allow girls into the scouting program by blaming “politically correct bedwetters” for the demise of the boy scouts.

What did he say?: Below is a video of the portion of the interview devoted to Trump’s use of the n-word. Williams appears to be saying that as an individual he has a problem with anyone using the slur, but he doesn’t have a problem with Trump’s use of it before becoming president. See for yourself.

Who does he represent?: Williams is the District 27 state senator and represents the people of Forsyth County, or at least he does for another few months. Since he ran for governor, he did not run for re-election to his senate seat. He also will not be representing Georgians as their governor.