Think twice before passing that school bus, the cameras are rolling

The Gist: Gwinnett and Fulton Counties are among the school systems in Georgia that are going back to school Monday and both school systems use camera systems on buses to catch drivers who pass stopped school buses.

2,000 violations in one day: A motorist speeding by a stopped school bus while kids are unloading, ignoring the stop sign and flashing lights, is a much more common occurrence than most parents would be comfortable with. Last Spring, Gwinnett County school bus drivers were asked to conduct a one-day count of drivers who ignored the stop signs. They counted 2,000 in just one day.

How do the cameras work?: Watch for amber and red flashing lights that indicate a stopped school bus. Gwinnett County Public Schools  has placed cameras on about 300 buses to photograph drivers who illegally pass school bus.

When the school bus amber or red lights are flashing, the system automatically detects vehicles passing the stopped school bus and records the violation. The violator will receive a citation in the mail.

Gwinnett and Fulton aren’t alone: Several of Georgia’s largest school systems are using stop sign cameras on buses. In addition to Gwinnett and Fulton, Cobb and Clayton counties are also among metro area counties that use the cameras.