Gas prices set to drop

Georgia drivers can expect relief from high gas prices soon. According to AAA, gas prices are expected to drop after Russia and Saudi Arabia expressed interest in increasing the supply of oil.

For Georgians, this could mean about 10 cents less per gallon in the short term, but the savings will not come immediately, says AAA spokesman Mark Jenkins.

“Retailers are usually slow to lower prices, especially those who bought shipments of gasoline when prices were at a premium.”

Mark Jenkins

In the past week, gas prices in Georgia increased by about 6 cents on average. The statewide average on Memorial Day was $2.84, making it the most expensive Memorial Day since 2014, when the average was $3.62 per gallon.

Compared to last year, Georgians are paying 61 cents more per gallon, which means you’re paying about $10 more per tank than you were last year.

The most expensive gas prices in Georgia were in Atlanta, Gainesville and Athens, while the least expensive gas could be found in Augusta, Warner Robins and Catoosa Counties.

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