The Public Record: Tips, Taxes and Deportation Plans

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“Because public men and women are amenable ‘at all times’ to the people, they must conduct the public’s business out in the open.”

Charles L. Weltner Sr., former Chief Justice of the Georgia Supreme Court

What is this?: The Public Record is a recurring feature on this website where we present recent quotes by public officials or candidates. You may not be able to attend every public meeting or candidate forum, but you still have a right to know what your representatives and those who hope to represent you have been saying. Quotes for these entries are usually chosen based on bluntness, relevance or humor.

Dream Big

“This is what I always dreamed to do. Taking a blighted house and building a new house in its place. There is nobody in the world who wants to live next to a place like that.” -Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach

Absentee Voter Fraud?

“All you need is somebody’s stamp and somebody’s address, and that is the biggest hole for voter fraud.” -Secretary of State Candidate David Belle Isle on voter ID and absentee voting

Don’t Forget to Tip Your Governor

“I think it should be a requirement across the board to spend some time working as a waitress or waiter because you learn a lot about people and being humble.”  -Gubernatorial Candidate Stacey Evans

A Man With A Plan

“Don’t worry, I have a plan to track and immediately deport criminal illegal aliens” -Gubernatorial Candidate Brian Kemp

Death and Taxes

“I would love zero percent income tax. All of us would. I just don’t know how those numbers work. I don’t know how those numbers work without having double-digit sales tax on milk, bread, eggs – things like that.” -Gubernatorial candidate Lindsey Tippins