Bizarre Arrests: These criminals need to find a new line of work

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When it comes to bizarre and odd headlines, particularly those involving crime, why should we let Florida have all the fun? Here are a few of the more recent bizarre crime stories that have happened in The Peach State.

I’d like to report a crime about my crime: An accused Coffee County drug-dealer is off the streets after one of his clients called the cops to report that she had been cheated by her dealer. According to WALB, Among her customer service complaints was that someone had stolen $100 from her while she was attempting to buy crack. Chances are, she won’t be seeing that $100 and her dealer won’t be seeing a whole lot of day light for a while.

Georgia’s Own Forrest Gump: A Douglas County man walks into a nail salon… tell me if you’ve heard this one… No, he wasn’t interested in a manicure. Rather, he wanted to rob the place. When he brandished his gun, the owner of the salon took out a gun of his own and told the man to leave. One would think that would have ended the showdown. One would be woefully wrong.

The would-be robber shot at the owner, but he’s kind of a bad shot and missed. The owner, who isn’t a bad shot, fired back — hitting his tormenter in the buttocks. While his wound was not attained in a noble fashion like Forest Gump, he at least had seen enough of the movie to know to run. Unfortunately, you just can’t run that far with a bullet in your butt. According to the AJC, police found the man hiding in the bushes and took him to the safety of a jail cell.

Delete Your Account: Social media is an excellent tool for business. Brick and mortar shops, online retailers, and multi-level marketers have found social media to be a boom to their ventures. But while customers might be willing to buy your Etsy crafts, your miracle supplements and your hand-me-downs online, they may not be as drawn to overtures to buy pot and ecstasy.

According to the Marietta Daily Journal, an undercover cop arrested a man who tried to sell him drugs over snapchat. Please remember, while snapchat messages do self-destruct, they can still be used in court. If the Internet has taught us anything in the last 30 years, it is that nothing is ever deleted. Except this criminal’s account. He definitely needs to steer clear of social media.

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