An Office Park in Roswell Will Be Transformed Into a New Restaurant District

June 26, 2024
1 min read

Roswell is set to see a significant transformation as the Crabapple Road Restaurant District moves forward, turning a current office park into a dynamic hub of restaurants, cafes, and businesses. This redevelopment aims to provide residents with a variety of new dining options and a central gathering space.

The Roswell City Council recently gave unanimous approval to establish this new district, which is designed feature an array of eateries and a redesigned courtyard. While the restaurant district currently has no restaurants in it and is an office park at the corner of Crossville and Crabapple Roads, the developer has a plan to transform the space.

The office park’s parking lot will be converted into a communal courtyard where people can gather, dine, and enjoy the outdoors.

Creating a special restaurant district allows customers to buy alcoholic beverages at one of the restaurants and walk out onto the lawn with their drink.

The district’s operating hours for carry-out alcohol will be from 11 a.m. to 12:01 a.m., adhering to local and state regulations. This measure ensures a controlled and safe environment for patrons.

The transformation of the office park into the Crabapple Road Restaurant District is expected to commence soon, bringing a fresh wave of dining and social opportunities to Roswell. The project reflects the city’s broader efforts to foster community engagement and support local economic growth.

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