Bryan County issues state of emergency as Idalia approaches

August 30, 2023
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The Gist:

Bryan County braces for the impact of Hurricane Idalia, prompting closures and emergency protocols as the Category 3 storm makes landfall in Florida.

What Happened?:

As Hurricane Idalia hammers Florida, Bryan County isn’t taking any chances. The county declared a state of emergency, giving its Board of Commissioners the ability to swiftly respond to any hurricane-related havoc. A state of emergency is also in effect across Georgia. Expect winds to hit as early as 2 p.m. today. The list of warnings in the area is as lengthy as a grocery receipt, including a Hurricane Watch, Tropical Storm Warning, Tornado Watch, and Storm Surge Warning.

By The Numbers:

  • 4 types of warnings: Hurricane Watch, Tropical Storm Warning, Tornado Watch, Storm Surge Warning
  • 2 p.m.: Time when wind impacts are first expected today
  • 3: Category of Hurricane Idalia at landfall in Florida

Local Concerns:

If you’re living in the low-lying parts of the county, now’s a good time to head to higher ground. High tides, amplified by a supermoon, are likely to cause flooding. The risk of tornadoes and power outages is also on the table.

Closures and Services:

School’s out, at least for today. Bryan County Schools will reassess tomorrow’s situation. Administrative offices in Pembroke and Richmond Hill have shut their doors for the day, but Public Safety officers will continue their watch. Animal emergencies? Call Bryan County Animal Control.

Health and Alerts:

You can stay in the know with CODERED emergency alerts. For local updates, keep an eye on the Bryan County and city-specific websites and social media.

Why It Matters:

Beyond the immediate threats of high winds, storm surges, and potential tornadoes, the state of emergency paves the way for Bryan County to request state resources for swift response and recovery.

What’s Next?:

Updates are rolling out regularly on Bryan County and city-specific sites. For downed power lines, call Georgia Power, Canoochee EMC, or Coastal EMC at their respective emergency numbers.

Stay Tuned:

For the most current information, keep tabs on,, and Keep your phones charged and stay safe, Bryan County.

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