Georgia wins key battle in Water Wars with Alabama

Georgia has won another legal battle in the decades-long tri-state water wars. U.S. District Judge Thomas Thrash sided with Georgia this week in a lawsuit the state of Alabama filed challenging Georgia’s use of water from Lake Lanier. The suit accused the

Georgia wins water wars

The U.S. Supreme Court Thursday sided with Georgia in a lawsuit Florida filed in 2013 over the allocation of water that flows between the two states. In a unanimous 9-0 opinion written by Justice Amy Coney Barrett, the court ruled that Florida

Georgia and Florida battle over water in front of Supreme Court

ATLANTA – A lawyer representing the state of Florida asked the U.S. Supreme Court Monday to order Georgia to use less water irrigating crops in order to restore Florida’s devastated oyster industry. But Georgia’s lawyer told the justices the costs of a

The Supreme Court will hear the Water Wars case Monday

 How much water metro Atlanta will be allowed to pull from the Chattahoochee River for decades to come and how much Southwest Georgia can pump from farm irrigation wells will be at stake Monday. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments