Georgians are signing up for Obamacare in record numbers

Georgia had the third-highest number of people signing up for coverage during this year’s special enrollment period for the federally run health insurance exchanges. The state’s 147,000 enrollees were exceeded only by Florida and Texas among the 36 states that use the enrollment

Will Georgia keep or have its own health exchange?

Georgia officials have pushed back against a federal health agency’s request for more financial information on the state’s insurance waiver plan. A letter dated July 2 says that Georgia’s approach to replace the Affordable Care Act’s enrollment set-up with a privately run process

Unemployed Georgians flock to Obamacare

More than half a million Georgians are enrolled in the state’s health insurance exchange for next year, a more than 10 percent increase from 2020. The increase is partly due to many people signing up after losing their jobs and their employer-based

Kemp wants to end Obamacare in Georgia

Under a proposal from Republican Gov. Brian Kemp, Georgians seeking to purchase health insurance would no longer have the option of shopping for plans on one website as they can now on the Obamacare site Instead, they would have to seek