Johns Creek Mayor: Police brutality ‘will not be tolerated in our city’

June 1, 2020
2 mins read

Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker has penned his response to the death of George Floyd. The mayor is reminding residents of the “strong sense of unity” and diversity in the city and said police brutality would not be tolerated in Johns Creek.

You can read the full text of Bodker’s letter below.

The City Johns Creek prides itself on our strong sense of unity. As a close-knit and diverse community, it would be wrong if we did not address or give voice and understanding to all of the African American families in our Johns Creek community.  

As we have watched the events taking place across the county and the world since the brutally devastating death of George Floyd last week in Minneapolis, it is critically important for all families and residents of our city to know that we hear you. While you are feeling pain and struggling with a profound sense of solitude and loss, please know that your Johns Creek community holds you close.  

Brutality and inhumane cruelty, displayed by any individual, let alone a police officer, is horrible, reprehensible, and will not be tolerated in our city. Our entire community is hurting. But we must not allow divisiveness to override our sense of equity and compassion. We must stand unified.  

I am proud to say that our Police officers and our entire police department is second to none. Our police remain committed to creating a dialogue, listening to and addressing concerns, and protecting and serving all members within our community. Johns Creek remains vigilant in conducting extensive training for all of our uniformed officers to help eliminate any similar instances which have transpired many times across our nation. 

The JCPD holds the gold standard when it comes to training, upholding high standards for non-biased policing, and conducting proactive community engagement. JCPD is recognized with distinction by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies. We are proud of our department and all our accomplishments, but most importantly our service to this great community. Equitable treatment and respect for each and every member of our community is part of our police department culture.

Any form of hate, brutality, or racism is detrimental to our community and will not be condoned or ignored here in Johns Creek. We should all be proud of our staff and our police department as we work together and continue to uphold these important human values. Ours is a unified city. Let us encourage and support our neighbors by practicing peaceful and legal means of making our voices heard and our feelings understood, as is our constitutional right.  

We hear the voices and understand the frustration of the many African American members of our community. We also hear the voices of our Asian and Latino community members and any race or nationality expressing hurt. We should never lose sight of our mutual desires for decency and fairness. Through our great diversity, our empathy, and our unity we can stand together as one. Let us together, continue to uphold due process and justice, so that a strong message of respect and togetherness is achieved for our city as well as our nation.

– Mike Bodker, Mayor of Johns Creek 


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