Drowning in Valdosta: What We Know

February 19, 2024
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Photo by Asinno on Pixabay

The Gist: A boating accident in Valdosta resulted in the death of a man during a fishing trip.

The Details: On Sunday, February 18 at about 07:35 p.m., the Valdosta Fire Department and Valdosta Police Department were alerted to a potential drowning. Upon arrival, they discovered that a boat had capsized, leaving one of two fishermen missing. According to the Valdosta Fire Department, the fishermen were two cousins in their early 20s who went on a fishing trip.

After pausing due to conditions at 1:30 a.m. on Monday, recovery efforts resumed at sunrise, and the victim was located by divers two hours later. The body was then taken to the Valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory by the Valdosta Police Department.

What’s Next?: The body is at the Valdosta-Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory for examination. Further details are expected to be released following the investigation.

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