OMG, You’ll Definitely Want These Ear-resistable ‘Bunny Succulents’ for Your Home This Spring

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March 4, 2023
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Now that it’s March, it finally feels like spring is almost here. And even though we’re still dealing with snow across the nation (even in Los Angeles!), we like to remember that we’ll have April showers and May flowers before we know it. In the meantime, however, we have the chance to get a little pop of spring in our own homes thanks to some adorable plants known as bunny succulents.

Bunny succulents got their nickname thanks to their cute appearance that, unsurprisingly, resembles bunny ears. And if you’re dying to get one in the palm of your hand before placing it on your windowsill or desk, you’re in luck! Not only are we going over exactly what these plants are and what to know about them (like why they look much less appealing in the summertime), we’ve also rounded up some options for purchasing plants and/or seeds to start or add to your collection. And if you’re looking for some additional aww-worthy succulents, we’ve pulled those too.

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What is a ‘bunny succulent’?

While many refer to this plant as a bunny succulent, its real name is Monilaria moniliforme. According to World of Succulents, it’s “a beautiful small, sparsely branched succulent shrub with soft barrel-shaped internodes and very soft, cylindrical, short-lived leaves arranged in pairs.”

Other common names include bunny ear succulent, string of pearls, beaded ice plant and beaded vygie.

Are bunny succulents real?

They sure are! Although we get it—they look like they could be fake and used just for decor.

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Why is it hard to find a mature plant?

This succulent may take a while to grow from a seed to its full size (which is, admittedly, adorably small). According to Garden Bench Top, “Monilaria moniliforme plants are slow growers. You can tell by the fact that each nodule on their main stems are the previous years’ growth. So, if you are looking for a plant that will quickly grow into a centerpiece, you may want to look elsewhere.”

But that’s not the only reason it may seem difficult to find a mature plant. 

If you’re looking for one when the weather is warm, you won’t see them as they appear in these cute pics. In the warmer months, the bunny succulent appears to be lifeless. While other plants grow bright and robust in the spring and summer, this particular plant is dormant—which doesn’t make it super appealing during that time. However, it’s just asleep and will pop back to lifein the cooler months. 

Why are people obsessed with succulents?

Bunny succulents actually take a little bit more work to care for than the average succulent. But generally, succulents simply require less maintenance than other plants, and still give life and joy to your home or office with their fresh greenery. 

Because they don’t require as much of a time commitment as other larger plants, starting a #plantmom journey with succulents seems much more attainable and puts less pressure on you as you begin to grow your own green thumb.

Plus, if you already have a ton of “plant babies,” adding a couple of succulents here or there to your huge collection is a smart way to sneak some in without your family, partner or friends always noticing (*wink*).

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Where to buy bunny succulent plants or seeds

Live Rare Monilaria Moniliforme, $25.99 on Amazon


This little plant is so precious—its average height is three inches. Live Rare Monilaria Moniliforme, $25.99 on Amazon

Limited Live Rare Monilaria Moniliforme Plant, $9.99+ on Etsy


According to MicroLandscapeDesign on Etsy, “It is a winter grower. They are the perfect indoor, container gardening project that will bloom all spring long.” Limited Live Rare Monilaria Moniliforme Plant, $9.99+ on Etsy

Authentic Monilaria Moniliforme Seeds, $9.99 on Amazon


A pack of 10 seeds comes with this purchase for you to grow your own bunny succulents. Authentic Monilaria Moniliforme Seeds, $9.99 on Amazon

40 Bunny Succulent Seeds, $44.99 on Amazon


Plant your seeds indoors or outdoors. 40 Bunny Succulent Seeds, $44.99 on Amazon

Monilaria moniliforme, $20.99 on Etsy

According to WalawalaPlants on Etsy, “When the weather cools down under 80F highest, the new cute bunny ear-liked leaves will come out.” Monilaria Moniliforme, $20.99 on Etsy

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Other cute plant alternatives to buy

4″ Live Succulent Cactus Plants, $14.99 on Amazon


These fresh succulents come straight to your door ready to hear you “ooh” and “ahh.” This might be a cactus style, but it’s still bunny-eared! 4″ Live Succulent Cactus Plants, $14.99 on Amazon

Succulent Assortment With Planters, $82 at The Sill

The Sill

The Sill says, “This exclusive set is perfect for a small windowsill or sunny space, and hard to kill.” Succulent Assortment With Planters, $82 at The Sill

Three Assorted Succulents, $49.95 at Public Goods

Public Goods

“Native to South Africa, they flourish when in bright, direct sunlight and are healthiest when soaked and allowed to dry out between watering.” Three Assorted Succulents, $49.95 at Public Goods

Janet Craig Dracaena, $31.95 at Public Goods

Public Goods

This mid-size, low-maintenance plant “loves low indirect light and watering once the soil is completely dry.”  Janet Craig Dracaena, $31.95 at Public Goods

Black Snake Gold Plant, $21.95 at Public Goods

Public Goods

According to Public Goods, “They are resilient and adaptable, so even if you don’t have a green thumb, this one’s for you.” Apparently, they only need to be watered once every two weeks! Black Snake Gold Plant, $21.95 at Public Goods

Money Tree Plant, $94 at The Sill

The Sill

Said to bring good luck, “It is known for its resilience, ease of growth, and fun braided trunk.” Money Tree Plant, $94 at The Sill

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