Jan Jones Chides Fulton County Leaders for Trying to Hike Property Taxes

Jan Jones Chides Fulton County Leaders for Trying to Hike Property Taxes


Fulton County homeowners, already dealing with the stresses of high inflation, might soon be hit with an additional financial challenge: a proposed property tax increase of nearly 13%.

Speaker Pro Tempore Jan Jones, a Republican from Milton, voiced the concerns echoing in many residents’ minds: “As legislators, but more importantly as citizens of Fulton County, we believe increasing the millage rate at this time would place yet another financial burden upon residents when high inflation is already negatively impacting them,” she commented. “We understand providing county services is an important responsibility. However, increasing the property tax rate by almost 13 percent hurts citizens. The additional property taxes come directly from their pockets.”

In a letter to the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Jones, alongside other Republican members of the Fulton County Legislative Delegation, highlighted the financial strains their constituents already face. They called attention to the sustained growth Fulton County has seen in recent years and mentioned that the growth of the county’s tax base has been greater than its population growth.

Highlighting state-level initiatives, Jones added, “In contrast, at the state level, we have returned a portion of hard-earned state tax dollars to citizens over the past two years. It has benefited Georgians, and especially here in Fulton County.”

As this proposal comes to light, it’s certain to ignite discussions among Fulton County residents and officials alike. Balancing the county’s fiscal responsibilities with the financial well-being of its residents will be at the forefront of these debates.

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