Mike Palermo Isn't Running for Reelection in Roswell. Here's Why

Mike Palermo Isn’t Running for Reelection in Roswell. Here’s Why


The Gist: Mike Palermo, a two-term City Councilman in Roswell, announced his decision not to seek re-election, reflecting on his tenure and reaffirming his commitment to continue advocating for the city’s residents, albeit from a non-governmental role.

What Happened?: In a social media post, Palermo discussed his tenure of eight years on the Council, highlighting changes he helped implement to control high-density development, increase walkability, preserve historic sites and green spaces, and improve city services. His time in office was marked by a push for more responsible representation, emphasizing the interests of residents over developers.

Why is Palermo not seeking reelection?: The best explanation for why Palermo isn’t seeking reelection comes from the man himself: “I feel that government should not be a continuous lifelong career. I will not be seeking a third term and hope to see a lot of residents interested in running for my seat and serving our city.”

Palermo also said he believes the city has a majority on City Council who advocate for residents.

Why It Matters: Palermo’s decision not to seek re-election opens up the field for a new leaders in Roswell.

What’s Next?: While Palermo will not be pursuing a third term in office, he expressed his willingness to serve again.

For the foreseeable future, Palermo says he remains committed to serving as an active resident advocating for decisions that benefit Roswell’s residents.

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