Your Voice Matters: Help Shape the Future of Woodstock’s Dupree Park

May 29, 2024
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Your Voice Matters: Help Shape the Future of Woodstock's Dupree Park

😊 The Gist: The City of Woodstock’s Parks and Recreation Department is inviting residents to attend a public input meeting on June 11, to help create a master plan for Dupree Park.

🤔 Why It Matters: Public input is crucial in ensuring that the community’s needs and desires are met when planning for the future of Dupree Park. By attending the meeting and providing feedback, residents can directly influence the amenities and programs that will be incorporated into the park’s master plan.

📅 Mark Your Calendar: The public input meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 11, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Chambers at City Center located at 8534 Main Street in Woodstock.

🤝 Collaborative Effort:

  • Woodstock Parks and Recreation staff will be joined by planners from Lose Design, an industry leader in master plan development and park design, to guide attendees through the input process.
  • According to Parks and Recreation Director Brian Borden, the information gathered from residents at the meeting will be used to ensure that the community’s future recreation needs are met at Dupree Park.

ℹ️ Learn More: For additional information about the City of Woodstock Parks and Recreation Department, visit their website at

💬 Your Take: What amenities or programs would you like to see included in the Dupree Park Master Plan? Share your ideas in the comments below and let your voice be heard!

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