Massage Parlors Under Scrutiny: Roswell Acts Against Human Trafficking Threat

December 9, 2023
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🔒 The Gist: Roswell officials are considering a temporary halt in licensing new massage parlors to strengthen regulations against human trafficking and illicit activities.

📜 The Details: The Mayor and Council of Roswell plan to vote on December 11 on a proposed 90-day moratorium on licensing new massage parlors within city limits. This pause aims to prevent new applications for Massage Establishment Licenses and Occupational License Tax Certificates. The goal is to use this period to revise city ordinances and regulations concerning massage parlors and spas, particularly targeting those involved in illicit activities.

🔎 In Context: The proposal follows a significant operation by the Roswell Police Department and the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office in September 2023. This joint operation, one of the largest in the region, resulted in raids on 10 massage parlors and the arrest of three key figures in a human trafficking network. This crackdown is part of a broader initiative to combat human trafficking in the area.

🏛 Why It Matters: Mayor Kurt Wilson emphasized the importance of public safety and protecting vulnerable individuals. The moratorium and subsequent regulatory updates are seen as crucial steps in the city’s ongoing efforts to eliminate human trafficking and related illicit activities in massage parlors and spas.

📅 What’s Next?: If the moratorium is approved, it will commence shortly, giving the city time to update its regulations. Starting January 2024, the Mayor and Council plan to begin amending the city code to address the operations and locations of massage parlors and spas more effectively, furthering their efforts against illicit activities.

For further details or inquiries, the public is directed to view the agenda item or contact Roswell’s Communications Division at

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