Election Results: Who Won the Roswell City Council Races?
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Election Results: Who Won the Roswell City Council Races?


The Gist: Roswell’s electoral voice rang clear as incumbents Sarah Beeson and Christine Hall retained their City Council seats, a runoff was set for Post 2, and David Johnson claimed victory in Post 4.

The Details: Incumbent Sarah Beeson held her ground in Post 1, Post 3 incumbent Christine Hall won re-election, and David Johnson emerged as the new face for Post 4. With no clear majority winner in Post 2, candidates Allen Sells and Michael Dal Cerro are headed for a runoff.

By The Numbers:

  • Sarah Beeson (Incumbent) defended her seat with 50.49% of the vote in Post 1.
  • Post 2 sees a future runoff between Allen Sells and Michael Dal Cerro. Sells got the most votes, but failed to secure a majority.
  • Christine Hall (Incumbent) maintained her position with 59.10% in Post 3.
  • David Johnson won with a solid lead of 53.89% in Post 4.

In Context: The election results solidify a seasoned council in some areas, while also highlighting the competitive nature of Roswell’s political landscape.

What’s Next?: The runoff for Post 2 will be held on December 5.

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