The Big Peach Beckons: Atlanta Crowned Best City for Recent Graduates

May 10, 2023
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The Gist: Atlanta has emerged as the top large city for recent college graduates to kickstart their careers, according to a study by CoworkingCafe.

The Study: The CoworkingCafe study evaluated U.S. cities across various parameters such as job opportunities, income levels, cost of living, lifestyle amenities, and other metrics. The cities were divided into three groups based on their population: small, mid-sized, and large. The Big Peach outshone others in the large city category.

By The Numbers:

  • The median income in Atlanta for those aged 25+ with a bachelor’s degree is over $67K, ranking it 9th among large cities.
  • Young Atlantans also enjoy a high rate of employer-based health insurance, trailing only behind San Francisco and Seattle.
  • With an impressive 715 leisure amenities and 16.9 coworking spaces per 100,000 residents, Atlanta is a clear winner in the lifestyle category, just behind Miami, FL.
  • As for employment, the city ranks 7th, with an unemployment rate of 5.8%.

Why It Matters: These findings reveal Atlanta’s potential as a burgeoning city for recent graduates. Not only does it offer a strong job market and commendable income levels, but it also boasts an attractive lifestyle with numerous amenities and coworking spaces. Such a vibrant atmosphere is sure to draw young talents looking for a blend of professional and personal growth.

What’s Next?: As Atlanta continues to build on these strengths, the city could see a steady influx of recent grads looking to make it their home. This may lead to further developments in the job market and lifestyle sector, enhancing Atlanta’s appeal to the younger demographic. In the meantime, recent graduates can consider Atlanta as an excellent option for starting their careers post-college.

About Atlanta: As the capital and largest city of Georgia, Atlanta is home to a diverse population of about 515,000 residents. The city’s educational landscape is strong, with 88% of its inhabitants having completed high school and 49% holding college degrees. With a median household income of $60,000, Atlanta showcases a thriving economy driven by its dynamic community and extensive opportunities.

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