A Betrayal of Trust? Georgia’s shockingly low rankings for veteran support exposed

May 22, 2023
1 min read

The Gist: Georgia presents a tough landscape for military retirees, as a new WalletHub report suggests it ranks disappointingly low on several key factors that determine retirement-friendliness towards veterans.

The report paints a concerning picture of veteran job opportunities, VA hospital quality, and housing affordability in Georgia.

What Happened?: WalletHub recently conducted a comprehensive study comparing the 50 states and the District of Columbia on retirement-friendliness for veterans. The analysis, which spanned across 28 indicators.

By The Numbers:

  • Georgia is ranked 29th in terms of housing affordability for veterans.
  • The state holds the 24th position in the number of VA health facilities per number of veterans and the number of VA Benefits-Administration Facilities per number of veterans.
  • Georgia places 38th in veteran job opportunities and an even more troubling 41st in the quality of VA Hospitals.

Why It Matters: The significance of these rankings is profound for Georgia’s military retirees. Transitioning to civilian life is often a challenge for veterans, and the state’s performance in key areas suggests that this transition may be even harder in Georgia.

The findings highlight a pressing need for improvements to better accommodate the needs of those who have served their country.

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