Boil Water Advisory Issued in Oconee County: What We Know

April 26, 2024
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Boil Water Advisory Issued in Oconee County: What We Know

🚰 The Gist: Oconee County is currently under a countywide boil water advisory due to disruptions in water pressure from Bear Creek Reservoir. Water testing results are expected by 3 p.m. today.

🔧 The Details: The issue began with low to nonexistent water pressure throughout Oconee County, prompting local Water Resources crews and Bear Creek Reservoir staff to investigate the source of the problem. A disruption in the 24-inch transmission line from the reservoir to the county has been identified. Oconee County is supplementing its water supply with groundwater wells and additional water from Clarke and Barrow Counties.

📊 By The Numbers:

  • 24-inch transmission line: Primary source of disruption.
  • 3 p.m., April 26: Expected time for water testing results.
  • 24 hours: Minimum duration of the boil water advisory.

📅 What’s Next?: Water testing scheduled for later today will determine when it is safe to lift the boil water advisory. Residents are advised to stay informed via the county’s official website and are instructed to flush all faucets for at least two minutes once the advisory is lifted to ensure safety.

🗣 Conversation Starters: What steps are being taken to prevent future disruptions in water supply?

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