Gangs, Guns, Gone Bill Would Require a 10-year Minimum Sentence When a Gun is Used During a Violent Crime in Georgia

January 24, 2023
1 min read

The News: Yesterday, Georgia State Sen. Brandon Beach, a Republican from Alpharetta, introduced Senate Bill 7, also known as the “3G” bill or the “Gangs, Guns, Gone” bill.

The bill would impose a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence for anyone who uses a gun while committing or attempting to commit a violent felony. 

What does the bill do?: The bill would require that this mandatory minimum sentence is given any time charges are brought against an individual who has used a gun to commit or attempt to commit a violent felony, regardless of whether or not the weapon was discharged.

This would be a pre-enhanced minimum sentence that convicted individuals must serve prior to any other sentence and cannot be shortened by any sentence-reducing measures.

Judges would have to impose this sentence on individuals who use even the threat of a gun to subdue another individual while committing a violent crime.

The Quote: “We are not going to allow these District Attorneys to let these violent offenders back out on the street,” said Beach. “Anyone who commits any of these violent crimes at gunpoint should not be allowed to walk away.”

Status of the Bill: Senate Bill 7 has been assigned to the Senate Committee on Judiciary.

More information: You can read the full text of SB 7 here:


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