Is your home safe from fire this holiday season?

For many Georgia residents, decorating the home is a favorite part of the busy holiday season. “During the holidays the fire-loading inside a typical single or multi-family dwelling increases,” said Gwinnett Fire Captain Tommy Rutledge. According to the National Fire Protection Association two

How to keep the Grinch from stealing your Christmas packages

The Brookhaven Police Dept. is warning residents that the number of stolen packages greatly increases this time of year. However, there are precautions that you can take to make sure presents you have delivered get placed under your tree. “Remember, if we make

How to roast a turkey without making your guests sick

Whole roasted turkey is the centerpiece for many holiday meals and gatherings. There are a variety of ways to prepare and present it, but food safety is always the most important part of any turkey recipe.  Harmful bacteria grow rapidly between the

Tips to avoid scams during the holiday shopping season

As the holiday shopping season kicks into high gear this week, Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr is taking the opportunity to remind Georgians not to be caught off guard by scammers this year “The way we are making holiday purchases is changing