Marietta Educator Candace Torrence Among Top Contenders for 2025 Georgia Teacher of the Year

March 18, 2024
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Marietta Educator Candace Torrence Among Top Contenders for 2025 Georgia Teacher of the Year

Candace Torrence, a distinguished teacher at A.L. Burruss Elementary School in Marietta, has been recognized as one of the ten finalists for the prestigious 2025 Georgia Teacher of the Year award.

With a teaching career spanning over a decade, Torrence has made a notable impact in education, particularly in her work with gifted students across various grade levels. Her approach to teaching is deeply personal, shaped by the inspirational figures in her own life and a staunch belief in education’s power to transform lives.

“Each student brings a unique set of gifts to the classroom, and it’s my mission to create a platform where these gifts can shine,” said Torrence. “I’m honored to be recognized, but the true joy comes from the breakthroughs and successes we achieve together in the classroom.”

Beyond her classroom responsibilities, Torrence is known for her active involvement in extracurricular activities. She founded the first Jr. Beta Club at A.L. Burruss Elementary and directs the ALB Showstoppers drama group. These initiatives reflect her commitment to holistic education, emphasizing not just academic achievement but also community engagement and personal growth.

Marietta City Schools Superintendent Grant Rivera praised Torrence’s approach, noting her ability to forge meaningful connections with students and her innovative educational practices.

Earlier in May 2023, Torrence received the Marietta City Schools District Teacher of the Year award, further acknowledging her contributions to the field and her effectiveness in creating an inclusive, empowering learning environment. As she vies for the state title, Torrence exemplifies the dedication and passion that define Georgia’s educational community.

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