Georgia is The 9th Worst State for Women in 2024

February 26, 2024
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Georgia is The 9th Worst State for Women in 2024

📊 The Gist: WalletHub’s 2024 report on the Best & Worst States for Women ranks Georgia 43rd, spotlighting significant areas for improvement.

🔍 The Details: By evaluating 25 key metrics, the study identifies Georgia’s challenges:

  • High poverty rate among women (39th)
  • Low high school graduation rate for women (49th)
  • Near-average political participation (23rd in 2020 presidential election)
  • High female uninsured rate (49th)
  • Subpar life expectancy and healthcare quality for women

💡 The Big Picture: Women’s quality of life varies widely across states, influenced by economic conditions, healthcare, safety, and political participation. Massachusetts leads in 2024, thanks to low unemployment and uninsured rates among women, and high rankings in healthcare and life expectancy.

🛠 What You Can Do: Advocacy and informed voting can help address these disparities. Supporting policies and programs that promote women’s health, education, and economic opportunities are crucial steps toward improvement.

In the Georgia state legislature, for example, women make up 34% of your elected representatives, despite the fact that women make up more than 50% of the state’s population.

🤔 Questions to Consider: How can states like Georgia enhance their support for women’s health, education, and economic security? What role can individuals and communities play in advocating for women-friendly policies?

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