The Loan Shark Next Door: 1 in 4 Georgians Have Engaged in Loan Sharking

The Loan Shark Next Door: 1 in 4 Georgians Have Engaged in Loan Sharking


📊 The Gist: A recent study by found that nearly one in four Georgians has lent money to friends or family under harsh conditions, highlighting a concerning trend of ‘loan sharking’ within personal financial transactions.

🔍 The Details: Conducted by QuestionPro, the survey of 3,000 people who have loaned money to close contacts reveals that 23% of benefactors admit to imposing strict and often unfair repayment terms. The study also found that such practices can lead to significant strains on personal relationships, with 39% of lenders reporting deteriorated connections and two-thirds regretting their decision to lend money under these conditions.

📉 By The Numbers:

  • 24% of Georgians acknowledge engaging in loan sharking.
  • 39% observed a decline in relationships after lending money.
  • 69% regret their decision to lend money to friends or family.

🌐 The Big Picture: The survey sheds light on a nationwide issue of inaccessible or unappealing traditional lending options, driving individuals towards personal loans that may come with steep interest rates and rigid conditions. This practice not only strains relationships but also highlights the need for more accessible and fair financial services across the country.

🤔 Why It Matters: Understanding the prevalence and impact of loan sharking within personal financial transactions is crucial for addressing the broader social and economic repercussions. The study emphasizes the complex dynamics of finances and personal relationships, urging the need for clear agreements and open communication.

📝 What You Can Do: offers advice for both borrowers and lenders in such situations, including the importance of open communication, revising terms, consulting mediators or legal advice, and prioritizing well-being for borrowers. For lenders, the tips include practicing patient communication, empathizing with the borrower’s situation, and considering legal consultation if necessary.

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