Who Won the South Fulton City Council Runoff Election?

December 5, 2023
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Who Won the South Fulton City Council Runoff Election?

☑️ The Gist: Keosha Bell has been elected to the South Fulton City Council for District 5.

👤 Who Is Keosha Bell?: Keosha Bell, originally from Athens, has a background in Business Management, Marketing, and Computer Information Technology from Middle Georgia College and Clayton State University. She’s a proponent of community development, education, and career advancement, especially for youth and families in South Fulton.

🔍 The Details:
Bell’s campaign focused on enhancing public trust, improving public safety, fostering economic and workforce development, and providing support for seniors and disabled individuals. She has been active in the South Fulton community, working on initiatives for educational opportunities, assisting needy families, and supporting senior citizens.

📈 By The Numbers:

  • Keosha B. Bell: 56.12% (376 votes)
  • Corey Reeves (I): 43.88% (294 votes).

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