The Nest in Kennesaw Is Closing Today

December 2, 2023
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The Nest in Kennesaw Is Closing Today

After seven years of being a culinary and social cornerstone in downtown Kennesaw, The Nest, known for its Southern barbecue and vibrant beer garden, is closing its doors today.

Located in the heart of Kennesaw’s historic downtown, The Nest has been a harmonious blend of two 1880s homes, offering a unique dining experience with its sprawling patio and diverse selection of craft beers​​.

Since its opening in February 2016, The Nest has become a local landmark, not just for its food and drink but also for its role in building community and fostering connections. The establishment’s character, preserved in its historical essence, has been a key part of its charm, making it a beloved spot among Kennesaw residents.

The closure of The Nest marks a significant transition in the local culinary landscape. However, the space won’t remain dormant for long.

Every Day People Group, the visionary team behind Apotheos Roastery, is set to transform this historic location into their flagship coffee house and roastery.

Apotheos Roastery, with its roots in community and craftsmanship, began with the goal of reinventing the Enlightenment-era coffeehouse. Their name, derived from “apotheosis,” embodies their philosophy of elevating coffee to its most divine form. The roastery’s meticulous approach to coffee-making, coupled with a deep commitment to community involvement, has made it a respected name in the area​​.

The roastery’s current facility is located in a restored 1902 building that was originally a Methodist Church fellowship hall, making it the only federally registered historic building in Downtown Kennesaw. This space, which began restoration in 2016, encapsulates Apotheos Roastery’s dedication to preserving local heritage while infusing it with new life​​.

With the transition of The Nest’s space to Apotheos Roastery, Kennesaw residents can expect a continuation of community-focused, high-quality culinary experiences. The new venture promises an exciting fusion of craft coffee and a thoughtfully curated menu, including alcohol offerings and homemade desserts, all within a space rich in local history.

As one chapter in Kennesaw’s dining scene closes, another opens, promising to honor the legacy of The Nest while bringing a fresh and innovative approach to the community.

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