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Georgia’s Round Table Ranks 3rd in Nation for Healthiest Pepperoni Pizza


🍕 The Gist: A study by reveals that Georgia’s own Round Table has the 3rd healthiest pepperoni pizza in the U.S., scoring 78 out of 100 in an Overall Health Rating.

Blaze Pizza took the top spot, while Hungry Howie’s came in second.

🤔 Why It Matters: As the trend toward healthier eating continues, the study offers pizza lovers a guide to making better choices, especially when indulging in a popular American treat like pepperoni pizza.

What’s Happening:

  • The study analyzed the standard 14-inch pepperoni pizzas from various chains for sugar, fat, salt, and calorie content.
  • Despite the focus on healthy eating, pizza remains a go-to comfort food for many Americans.

🔍 Between the Lines:

  • Round Table, founded in Georgia, performed well in all four nutritional factors, sharing the lowest calorie title with the leader.
  • Pizza Hut and Domino’s, two of the most popular chains, ranked 4th and 7th respectively in healthiness.

🖼️ The Big Picture: While pepperoni pizza may not be the epitome of health food, the study provides a roadmap for those looking to balance indulgence with nutrition. It’s a timely resource, especially as the nation celebrates National Pizza Month this October.

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