Is Lake Lanier Haunted? What You Need To Know About the 'Lady of the Lake'

Is Lake Lanier Haunted? What You Need To Know About the ‘Lady of the Lake’


Nestled in the heartland of Georgia, the waters of Lake Lanier whisper tales of a haunting figure known as the “Lady of the Lake.” This legend has seeped into the local folklore, painting a eerie narrative that continues to captivate the imagination of residents and visitors alike who believe Lake Lanier is haunted.

The legend dates back to a tragic event in 1958, when two friends, Delia May Parker Young and Susie Roberts, found themselves entangled in a fate that would forever echo through the depths of Lake Lanier.

On a night veiled under a canopy of stars, Young and Roberts departed from a local dance. Their spirits soared with the rhythm of youthful invincibility until a sudden change of events veered them off course. The duo, after refueling their car, decided to skip out on paying for the gas.

As they hurriedly crossed a bridge over Lake Lanier, the wheels of fate skidded off the road, plunging them into the cold embrace of the lake below. The tragedy left the community with a narrative that would soon morph into a haunting legend​.

The tale unfolds with a spectral figure, described as a woman donned in a blue dress, the same dress Susie Roberts was wearing on that fateful night. The ethereal figure is often sighted near the bridge, where the tragic incident occurred, her apparition missing her hands, a detail that sends shivers down the spine of those who hear the tale​.

According to the legend, this “Lady of the Lake” isn’t just a passive specter but an active entity who lures unsuspecting individuals to a watery grave. It’s said that with her handless arms, she snatches those who venture too close to the water’s edge, pulling them into the abyss below​.

The eerie narrative took a turn towards reality when in 1990, over three decades post the tragic event, officials discovered a 1950s Ford sedan in the lake with remains identified as belonging to Susie Roberts. This revelation led to the conclusion that a decomposed body found floating near a bridge in 1959 must have been that of Delia May Parker Young, validating the haunting narrative that had gripped the community for years​.

The locals, bound by the chilling narrative, have witnessed the spectral figure of Parker Young, wandering near the bridge, her handless arms reaching out from the veil of death, keeping the legend of the “Lady of the Lake” alive. The tale has etched itself into the psyche of those who live by Lake Lanier, a whispering lore that intertwines with the rippling waters of the lake, a chilling narrative that keeps the legend of the Lady of the Lake shimmering on the surface, as the mysteries of the deep lay waiting, veiled in the chilling stillness of Lake Lanier.

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