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What Is Georgia’s Favorite Kids’ Halloween Movie?


The Gist: Residents in Georgia favored the spooky charm of “The Addams Family” as their go-to kids’ Halloween movie this year, a choice that reflects a nationwide fondness for classic creepy tales​.

The Details: The timeless allure of “The Addams Family” found a special place in the hearts of Georgians this Halloween, according to a survey by U.S. Dish. The movie’s blend of humor and eerie aesthetics resonated well with the spooky season, making it a popular choice among families.

By The Numbers:

  • “The Addams Family” ranked as the third most searched spooky children’s movie across the U.S., finding favor in seven states, with Georgia being one of them​.

In Context: The choice of “The Addams Family” isn’t a mere coincidence but is part of a broader trend. Despite the array of new-age spooky movies, Georgians, along with residents in six other states, found a nostalgic charm in revisiting the eerie yet amusing antics of the Addams family.

The trend sheds light on the enduring appeal of classic spooky tales, and how they continue to be a staple during Halloween, offering a nostalgic escape and a hearty laugh amidst the modern-day hustle.

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