How Will a Government Shutdown Impact Georgia?

How Will a Government Shutdown Impact Georgia?


As the possibility of a federal government shutdown looms large, Georgia braces for the potential fallout. The impact could be far-reaching, affecting several sectors from federal employment to social services and even the state’s natural resources.

Federal Employees and Services

Georgia is home to about 71,000 federal employees. In the event of a shutdown, these workers could face furloughs, affecting their income and potentially disrupting services in agencies like the CDC and FEMA.

Essential workers would continue to work but might not receive immediate pay. The shutdown could also have a significant impact on military installations and veterans in the state.

Social Services

Programs like SNAP and WIC could face delays in benefit distribution. While these programs have some reserve funds to weather short-term disruptions, a prolonged shutdown could deplete these resources, affecting some of Georgia’s most vulnerable populations.

National Parks and Tourism

Georgia’s national parks could lose millions of dollars per day during a partial government shutdown. The National Park Service has furloughed about seven out of every eight workers during previous shutdowns. Visitor access to parks like the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area could be restricted, affecting local economies dependent on tourism.


Projects funded by federal dollars could face delays, affecting agencies like the Georgia Department of Transportation. This could lead to a slowdown in road repairs and other infrastructure improvements, affecting daily commutes and potentially causing long-term issues.

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