This week’s Georgia weather: Rain could hit midweek

September 24, 2023
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This week's Georgia weather: Rain could hit midweek

As Georgia heads into the final stretch of September, residents from Atlanta to Valdosta can expect a week of shifting weather patterns. The forecast from Monday to Friday suggests a tale of two seasons, blending the last remnants of summer warmth with early hints of autumnal change.

A Sunny Prelude

The week starts on a high note with Monday offering clear skies and temperatures peaking at about 86°F across the state. Winds will be moderate, blowing from the west at around 7 mph. It’s a day that calls for outdoor activities, but don’t forget your sunscreen; the UV index is expected to be high.

Overcast Skies Take Over

By Tuesday, the weather takes a turn as overcast conditions roll in. Despite the cloud cover, temperatures will remain warm, hovering in the high 80s. Winds will shift slightly, coming from the southwest at about 5 mph.

Midweek Rain

Wednesday brings the first significant change in the weather pattern. Light to moderate rain is expected across Georgia, with about 0.3 inches of rainfall in most areas. Temperatures will range from the low 70s to the high 80s, depending on the region. Winds will shift to come from the northeast at about 9 mph.

A Cool Down

Thursday offers more of the same, with light rain expected and temperatures dropping to a cooler range of 65°F to 73°F.

Wrapping Up the Week

By Friday, the rain will have moved on, but overcast conditions will remain. Temperatures will range from 65°F in the morning to a high of about 77°F. Winds will continue to come from the east at about 10 mph.

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