WATCH: Body Cam Footage of Water Rescue During Atlanta Flooding

September 15, 2023
1 min read

The Gist: Heavy rainfall flooded Atlanta streets Thursday, but quick action from first responders turned potential peril into a safe escape for one driver.

What Happened: On September 14, Atlanta got soaked with some serious rainfall. Floods took over, turning roads into rivers.

Down on Peachtree Street, near Public Safety Headquarters, an Atlanta cop and a fire rescue captain joined forces for a life-saving mission. They spotted a sedan half-submerged in water, and you won’t believe how high that water was — high enough to lift the car off the ground. With doors jammed shut, the situation was critical.

Police Officer Rayando Bryan waded into the water and used his baton to break the driver’s side window. Fire Rescue Captain Terrance Simon helped pull the trapped driver out and get him to safety.

The Video:

Why It Matters:
This rescue isn’t just a one-off. It shows the commitment of Atlanta’s first responders, well-trained and ready for action, to help out when things go south. We’re talking about life or death situations being handled in real-time, folks.

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