How Valdosta is raising awareness for veterans during July 4 fireworks

June 10, 2023
1 min read
How Valdosta is raising awareness for veterans during July 4 fireworks

VALDOSTA — As the nation prepares to celebrate Independence Day on July 4, the Valdosta Fire Department and Citizens Fire Academy Alumni are raising awareness over public feting by providing yard signs to light up the impact of fireworks on Combat Veterans.

The initiative is designed to ensure the military heroes are not disregarded during the celebrations marking America’s hard-won independence.

The yard signs will assist community members to be cognizant of what time and where fireworks are used and to ensure that the sound levels are not jarring.

“Being mindful of where and when fireworks are used ensures respect and consideration for Veterans. Additionally, it is essential to be aware of the noise level of the fireworks used and to only use them at a level that will not be disruptive to Veterans,” the Fire Department’s statement read.

The community-driven department hopes this little gesture will relieve those who defended America’s freedoms and present them with a stress-free celebration. Combat Veterans who need a yard sign can contact the Valdosta Fire Department at 229-333-1835.

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