Atlanta ranks number 2 in nation for urban gardening

April 4, 2023
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As the United States celebrates Lawn and Garden Month in April, Georgia residents have a significant reason to rejoice. Atlanta has been ranked the second-best city for urban gardening, according to a new report by LawnStarter.

The study compared the 200 largest U.S. cities using 12 metrics across four categories, including access to gardening space and supplies, climate, and the presence of a thriving gardening community.

Urban gardening, which involves transforming empty parking lots, rooftops, or even vertical walls into communal vegetable plots or container gardens, has gained popularity in recent years as a sustainable approach to food production.

New York City took the top spot in the ranking, with 775 community gardens, while Atlanta secured the second position with 120 community gardens.

The study also highlighted the strength of Georgia’s urban gardening community, with the largest food forest in the U.S. located in Atlanta’s Browns Mill neighborhood. Spanning 7.1 acres, the forest provides crucial support to over a third of local residents living below the poverty line and almost a quarter of Atlantans living in severe food deserts.

The report revealed that cities in the Sunshine State, including Tampa, Miami, and Orlando, dominated the top 20, with seven cities making the list. No Florida city ranked lower than 39th, primarily due to their crop-friendly climate. In contrast, only two states, Florida and Illinois, have “Right to Garden” laws in place, a reminder for residents to check local ordinances or homeowners association rules for any on-property gardening restrictions.

As Atlanta and Georgia continue to promote urban gardening, the city and state aim to encourage sustainability and address local food insecurity, ensuring residents have access to fresh produce and a vibrant gardening community.

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