Gwinnett County code enforcement officers may be getting more power. Here’s what it means for renters and landlords

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The Gist: Gwinnett County Commissioners voiced their support to adopt the International Property Maintenance Code, which would give code enforcement officers the ability to work with tenants at residential rental properties. 

What is it?: The code, which requires sixty days of review, would give code enforcement officers the power to issue citations for interior code violations, holding landlords accountable for how their properties are maintained for their tenants. 

Why It Matters?: Chairwoman Nicole Hendrickson said she believes this resolution is important, asserting that “everyone deserves a safe and comfortable place to live.” 

More Information: The proposed changes to the International Property Maintenance Code are limited to residential rental properties, allowing Gwinnett County to effectively address complaints from tenants. Once the code is approved after sixty days of review, it will grant code enforcement officers the authority to work with tenants for interior code violations.