Bibb County Sheriff shuts down Rodeo Bar and Grill after shooting death of security guard

Bibb County Sheriff David Davis has revoked a local nightclub’s alcohol license. The revocation came after the sheriff’s office served notice to the owner of the establishment to “immediately cease all business activities.”

Saturday evening, the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office served a notice, on the behalf of Sheriff David Davis, to the proprietor of the Rodeo Bar and Grill to immediately cease all business activities, at the establishment at 4053 Pio Nono Avenue.

The shutdown was temporary and is a result of the establishment’s camera system not being in compliance with Macon Bibb County Ordinance. According to the sheriff’s office, the camera system was not capable of recording and storing retrievable data.

Sheriff’s officials say the camera system has since been checked and is now in compliance.

However, the nightclub’s woes are not over.

Tuesday afternoon, on behalf of Sheriff David Davis, the proprietor of “Rodeo Bar and Grill” was served an alcohol license revocation letter, suspending all sales of alcoholic beverages at the establishment.

This action was taken in reference to the events that occurred on Sept. 10 that led to the shooting death of security guard Jermaine Stewart.

The revocation of the club’s alcohol license is to take place immediately while the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office and the Macon-Bibb Commissioners conduct a review of the activities relating to the operations of the business.

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