Rome police investigate ‘swatting’ call at Marjorie Taylor Greene’s home

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Marjorie Taylor Greene

ROME — District 14 U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was the victim of a ‘swatting’ attempt Wednesday morning just after 1 a.m., according to the Rome Police Department.

Rome Police officers responded to a fake 911 call reference to a subject being shot multiple times at an address within the city limits. When officers responded they discovered this was the home of Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Police say Greene assured the officers there was no issue and the call was determined to be a false call commonly known as “swatting.”

Swatting is when someone makes a prank call to the police in attempt to get a large number of armed police to show up at another person’s house even though there is no actual crime being committed at the address.

According to police, Rome/Floyd 911 received a second call from the suspect who was using a computer generated voice stating that the caller was upset about Greene’s political views on transgender youth rights.

The Rome Police Department Criminal Investigation Division is working in conjunction with the United States Capital Police on this investigation.

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