Valdosta’s first Main Street Pup Crawl was a success

VALDOSTA — More than 200 people and their fur pals participated in Valdosta Main Street’s first annual Pup Crawl on August 5.

The event was intended to provide a new opportunity to bring people downtown.

“The pup crawl entices various groups of shoppers to embrace their love of animals and realize Downtown Valdosta is a place to play and engage,” said Valdosta Main Street Director Brandie Dame.

The USA Rescue Team brought pets to be adopted. Main Street provided special Pup Crawl merchandise to people that presented a receipt from a downtown business or donated pet supplies. The downtown merchants welcomed shoppers with furry friends inside their stores and had a “Pet-Friendly Business” sticker on their windows.

Dame and Main Street Program Coordinator Ally Sealy created the event after their personal experience of adopting rescue pets. They wanted to host an event that would be enjoyable for shoppers while supporting a great cause.

“It was so adorable and fun to see all of the canine pals in Downtown Valdosta; pets will bring a smile to anyone,” stated Dame. Dame says that “Pupoween” will be held on October 28.

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