Flashback: Dunwoody Village opened 50 years ago

Dunwoody Village — the Williamsburg-style shopping center that functions as both a shopping center and de facto the town square of Dunwoody — celebrates 50 years this month.

Dunwoody Village opened in late August of 1972, and that is the topic of this month’s Flashback. But, as always, before we get into the details, let’s take a look at what was going on in 1972.

The Time: In 1972, like today, the United States was in a recession. The median household income was just $10,285 per year, and DeKalb County — like many counties in the country, did not yet have middle schools.

Richard Nixon was the President of the United States and future president Jimmy Carter was governor of Georgia. Gas was 36 cents per gallon.

Dunwoody Village: Opening the last week of August 1972, the long-awaited shopping center was a marvel to residents. The architectural design has remained unchanged and the iconic weather vane still beckons shoppers today.

The list of shops is different and if you have lived in Atlanta more than 30 years, the list of tenants will transport you to another time.

The shopping center was anchored by Ogletree’s grocery store. The weather vane was positioned atop the anchor as it is today, only the space belongs to The Fresh Market.

Other tenants at the opening of Dunwoody Village included, Merle Norman’s Cosmetics, Dunwoody Village Barber and Style Shop, the Dunwoody Sports Shop, Staples Dunwoody Village Pharmacy, Dunwoody Hallmark Shop, Anthony’s Florist, Village Cleaners, and Ines Coiffeurs Parisienne.

Since the opening of Dunwoody Village 50 years ago, all other architecture in the area has followed the style of the village, giving Dunwoody a distinct architectural style and feel.

Information for Flashback stories is gathered from local news sources from the time period covered in the article.

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