Who is running for the Roswell City Council seat vacated by Marcelo Zapata?

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ROSWELL — Four candidates have qualified to run for the Post 1 Roswell City Council seat vacated earlier this year by Marcelo Zapata.

Zapata was on a medical leave of absence from the post for several months before his wife — who has power of attorney over him — resigned on his behalf in June.

An election to fill the seat for the remainder of Zapata’s term will be held Nov. 8.

The candidates running for the seat are:

Sarah Beeson, a small business executive who has lived in Roswell for five years.

Jason Miller, a small business owner who has lived in the city for two years.

Allen Sells, a finance professional who has lived in Roswell for 27 years.

Mulham Shbeib, a CFO who has lived in Roswell for 10 years.

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