Savannah considering curfews in response to increased gun violence

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Savannah, Georgia, USA downtown skyline at the riverfront at dusk.

SAVANNAH — Savannah Mayor Van Johnson says he is open to curfews on the heels of a shooting over the weekend at City Market.

Three people were shot early overnight on Sunday at City Market. While those who were shot were all under the age of 23, Johnson said he believes the curfews would have to apply to everyone and not a specific age group.

The City Market shooting is the latest in a number of incidents related to gun violence throughout the city, which has included five officer involved shootings this year.

Johnson did not mince words about what he said he believes to be the cause of the uptick in violence, which he pinned squarely on Georgia’s new Constitutional Carry law.

According to Johnson, the number of guns being carried throughout the city causes problems from residents and law enforcement as well as escalating disputes.

“What would have been a fist fight at a bar or a club, now becomes a gunfight at a bar or a club,” Johnson said.

Options the mayor is considering to curb crime include curfews, better lighting in some areas of the city, and limiting business hours.

“We cannot control the number of guns in our city, but we can control the hours and the activities of our nightlife downtown,” Johnson said.

Despite his issues with Georgia’s gun laws, Johnson vowed that the city would take steps to make sure the Fourth of July holiday, with its increase in visitors to the city, would be safe for residents and visitors.

“We will not be a city where folks cannot go downtown or to anywhere in our city, for that matter, and enjoy themselves,” Johnson said.

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