12 Georgia businesses raided for gambling violations

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The GBI executed search warrants on 12 businesses suspected of gambling violations.

On Wednesday, June 15, 2022, the GBI’s Commercial Gambling Unit, along with the Tift County Sheriff’s Office, the Ashburn Police Department, the Sycamore Police Department, the Turner County Sheriff’s Office, and the Worth County Sheriff’s Office; and in cooperation with the Tifton Judicial Circuit and the Georgia Lottery Corporation, executed 12 search warrants in Tifton, Sylvester, Ashburn and Sycamore, for violations of Georgia’s gambling laws and in furtherance of additional investigation.

The business locations were:

  • Stop and Shop, 415 W. Washington Ave, Ashburn, GA;
  • Lucky Lotto Food Mart, 231 S. Main St. Ashburn, GA;
  • Rubby’s Food Mart, 362 E. Washington Ave., Ashburn, GA;
  • OK Gas Station aka OK Store, 1270 Bussey Road, Sycamore, GA;
  • Dollar +, 910 Central Ave. South, Tifton, GA;
  • Nita’s Food Mart, 1520 Central Ave. South, Tifton, GA;
  • Roxx, 608 Love Ave., Tifton, GA;
  • Silver Star, 610 Love Ave., Tifton, GA;
  • Lucky Lotto, 402 W. 7th Street, Tifton, GA;
  • Shell Food Mart, 501 N. Main St., Sylvester, GA;
  • Lucky Lotto, 201 W. Franklin St., Sylvester, GA; and
  • Prince Beauty, 305 E. Franklin St., Sylvester, GA.

During the course of a lengthy investigation, agents discovered businesses operating Coin Operated Amusement Machines where customers were receiving cash payouts for winning credits.

In Georgia, COAMS must be properly licensed by the Georgia Lottery and credits may only be redeemed for lottery tickets and/or store merchandise.

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