Cobb County police report an increase in home burglaries

The Cobb County Police Department is reporting a recent increase in home burglaries.

According to police, burglars have targeted houses that by their appearance, suggest that high end valuables are likely inside. The burglars enter the house after dark and when the residents are not home.

Police say the suspects are organized, wear masks and gloves and are otherwise prepared.

Police are asking residents to contact their neighborhood watch groups and homeowners associations to spread the word about these burglaries and any precautions that can be taken.

Things you can do:

  • Install an alarm system. If you already have an alarm system, activate it every time you are not at home. Consider alarms on all exterior windows/doors and have it monitored by the company.
  • Install a video surveillance system. Most alarm system companies can provide video surveillance. Video footage that is captured tremendously assists the investigation and prosecution.
  • Call 911 when suspicious vehicles/persons are “lurking” around the neighborhood. Describe what the suspicious behavior observed to the 911 operator.

Cobb County Police also offer the following tips for preventing burglaries:

  • Lock your doors, including the one from the garage.
  • Keep garage doors closed-check before bed every night.
  • Use motion sensor-activated lighting.
  • Use surveillance cameras.

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