Cobb County will distribute 60,000 COVID-19 self tests

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Cobb County plans on distributing more than 60,000 COVID self-test kits to county residents in the coming weeks.   The goal is to target segments of the community where people have had difficulty accessing testing.

The Board of Commissioners will consider the use of remaining CARES funding for the County Manager’s emergency purchase. That will happen during Tuesday’s meeting which will be via teleconference due to the spike in COVID cases.

County leaders hope to receive the kits in time to hold a distribution event on the holiday celebrating the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

County and Public Health officials are working with the Cobb County NAACP chapter to finalize details of the event.

“We have the resources to be able to help many of our residents who have told us getting tested for COVID has been a challenge,” Chairwoman Lisa Cupid said.  “So it makes sense to use these federal relief funds to help distribute test kits to help contain the spread of COVID in Cobb.  Cobb and Douglas Public Health officials tell me besides COVID there are other illnesses, including the flu, spreading in our community.  It is important for those who have COVID to know it as soon as possible so they can take action to avoid spreading it to others.” 

Cobb County Emergency Management will store the kits while a plan to distribute them across the county comes into focus.  The county hopes to use events in each district along with help from nonprofits, churches, and other groups to get these COVID self-test kits to those in the county who need them the most.

Residents seeking a COVID test, vaccination, or information should visit

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