A Wish List for Georgia Casinos

Roulette casino
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Currently, Georgia prohibits the majority of casino activity — even on Native American land. However, a recent article by The Current shows that there’s still a lot of interest in finally bringing casinos to the state legally. If new legislation does eventually go through, we have a few ideas for what they should include.

Elegant poker rooms

Poker is one of the main draws of casinos, allowing players to compete in a more skill-based game with strangers both casually and in high-stakes tournaments. With this in mind, it makes sense that no expenses should be spared on any potential casino’s poker rooms.

These rooms are where high amounts of traffic will gather, and an elegant look would make the best first impression possible. It also gives casinos an advantage over other, less well equipped establishments.

Sportsbook facilities

Gambling on sports and racing events is still as big as ever, so it makes sense to also include sportsbook facilities. It’s a self-explanatory inclusion, allowing casino-goers to hang out with friends while betting on the latest events. Next year’s Super Bowl is bound to be a popular sporting event, with The New York Times reporting that several big celebrities will be headlining.

Restaurants showcasing local chefs

If poker rooms and sportsbook facilities are something to be expected at a casino, then it also makes sense to add in something more unique. Dining facilities that showcase local chefs instead of generic restaurant chains certainly fits the bill. Impressive dishes made by Georgia chefs will stand out more, offering varied menus that you can’t get elsewhere.

Newer slot machines

While slot machines are a permanent fixture at casinos, we hope that casinos in Georgia will go for machines based on trendy internet slots, instead of the boring choices that you usually see. Granted, it can be difficult to keep track of what’s new or cutting-edge in this category. Games come and go, and most casino sites’ collections are fairly extensive.

Some do make a point of highlighting the latest and most impressive slots, however, with Gala Casino doing perhaps the most effective job of showcasing the types of games we’d hope to see in Georgia casinos at the time of writing. These include Gonzo’s Gold and Well of Wilds, two titles that are far more exciting than standard Vegas slots.

Video card games

Fancy physical card game tables will always be welcome, but some would rather have a more quiet experience. This is where video card games come in. A number of machines could be set up throughout casinos, taking less space than dedicated tables while still offering a selection of games. They could also be connected online — or at least with other casinos in Georgia — to give players a larger pool of opponents.

Here’s hoping some of these ideas come to fruition! And if and when we do start to get more specific news about possible Georgia casino projects, we’ll be sure to bring you the news here at The Georgia Sun.