Falcons fans drink liquor, Patriots fans drink wine

liquor pouring on clear shot glass
Photo by Adam Jaime on Unsplash

Different sports fans have different ways of coping with their team’s successes and failures.

Die hard fans will let their team’s loss affect them emotionally until the following game, whereas fair-weather fans will simply shrug off a loss, content that the team can redeem themselves next time around. And when it comes to drinking after the game, the amount consumed depends on which team you follow – that is, according to a survey by Alcohol.org, who polled 3,719 NFL fans to determine the link between their team’s win or loss, and how much booze they put in their bodies.

More specifically, the survey conducted uncovered whether different NFL fans use alcohol as a coping mechanism when their team loses, or as a ‘high’ to celebrate their team’s win. Some fans, like those who support the Broncos, tend to drown their sorrows and drink more when their team loses. On the other hand, fans of teams such as the 49ers drink in equal amounts whether their team wins or loses.

Fans of the Atlanta Falcons tend to drink less when their team loses, perhaps preferring to go home early instead.

Here is an Infographic showing football fan drinking habits based on their team’s success.

A separate study by Alcohol.org also revealed which types of drinks football fans from each team like to drink on game day. Overall, local craft beer was the most preferred beverage with 28.9% of drinking it during the game.

Local craft beer was favored by 36.2% of Cincinnati Bengals fans, while nearly a third (30.4%) of Atlanta Falcons fans hop to straight, hard liquor.

Those who support New England Patriots had the most number of wine drinkers of all teams’ fans, with 23.8% opting for wine. Comparatively, fans of the Indianapolis Colts had the highest percentage of sober supporters with 26.5% who said they don’t drink.

‘When you’re caught up in the hype of a football game, it can be gut-wrenching to see your team lose after having played against a rival team’ says a spokesperson Alcohol.org. ‘It’s tempting to drown your sorrows in these instances, but equally as tempting to celebrate if the game ends on a high and your team wins. If this excessive drinking continues repeatedly, such as each and every game or week of the season, it might suggest a more troubling relationship with alcohol and could be time to seek out further information and medical assistance.’

This time of year can bring out the sports enthusiast within us, and regardless of which sport you choose to watch, it’s likely that commercials are filled with content about alcohol, which can make it difficult to resist the temptation to partake in this drinking culture.

The team at Alcohol.org gave the following tips on how to enjoy a sober sports season without feeling like you’re missing out:

Alcohol-free beers and cocktails

There are plenty of options out there for fans who choose not to drink, from alcohol-free beer to coolers, spritzers, and even recipes you can make with ingredients you already have on hand in the kitchen!

Don’t be afraid to say no

It’s difficult to say no when those around you are drinking and offering you alcohol constantly. However, if you’re adamant about staying sober during the season, don’t be afraid to assert yourself. If this fails, you always have the option to leave the environment if it becomes too overwhelming.

Be selective about the events you attend

Just because you’ve received an invite to watch the game at your local bar, doesn’t mean you have to attend. You could have your very own watch party from the comfort of your own home and catch up with your social circle some other time. This could help alleviate the social pressure and temptation to drink.

Start your own sober traditions

While sports games are generally associated with alcohol, you could reinvent the tradition and start your very own game-watching trends. These could involve everyone bringing a recipe and/or ingredients for their own non-alcoholic cocktail. These could also involve kids, also ensuring a family-friendly environment if you prefer.