How Could Georgia Casinos Stand Out?

We learned earlier this year that Georgia is considering casino legalization. Furthermore, the consideration is not only for online gaming, as we’ve seen in some other states in recent years. It is instead for the authorization and design of “casino resorts” across the state.

Now, there’s still a long road ahead. We don’t know yet if casino activity will be approved, nor if resorts will be built. However, there is some bipartisan support for the effort, which is always a good start (particularly in what we might now call a purple state). This would be a fascinating development for Georgia, providing both new entertainment options for in-state residents and new incentives for tourists from beyond the border. The interesting question, however, would be what Georgia casino resorts ultimately look like. Would they be similar to casino properties in other states? Or would efforts be made to make them stand out, such that Georgia could develop its own twist on casino culture?

We can’t answer these questions definitively, but just for fun we’ve done some brainstorming about how George casinos could be made to stand out.

Location Diversity

When you think about it, notable casino resorts tend to be concentrated in specific areas: cities, beach destinations, American Indian territories, and so on. One advantage any state new to casino legalization has though is the ability to spread properties out across interesting locations. And when you think about popular destinations in Georgia, this is a particularly interesting opportunity. Peach State casino properties could include sleek, modern spots in Atlanta, sportier venues in college towns, and relaxing getaways on beaches or at Tybee Island. Basically, Georgia could make its casinos stand out by providing some variety between them.

SEC Sportsbooks

Many of the best casinos these days have in-house sportsbooks — which for those unfamiliar with the term are basically large sports bars where people can bet on events. Assuming sports betting would be legal within Georgia casinos, there’s a clear opportunity to attract crowds with a heavy SEC sports focus. Conference-themed sportsbooks in casinos would be perpetually popular, and could quickly establish fun traditions during certain times of year (like the height of the college football season and March Madness).

Omaha Poker Rooms

Poker is naturally a pretty big part of casino resorts, and for the most part the main focus tends to be on Texas Hold’Em. This makes perfect sense given that it’s the most popular variation of the game. However, Georgia properties could make a shrewd move to stand out by offering something just a little bit different. For the most part, playing Omaha poker is very similar to Texas Hold’Em. But there are a few slight wrinkles that make for a different playing experience, and which would provide something fresh and new for a lot of casino visitors. While Omaha is offered at plenty of properties around the country, it’s never the main focus. By featuring the game more heavily Georgia casinos would create some buzz — as well as introduce people to what is essentially a fun twist on Hold’Em.

Video Games

Recent years have seen a lot of discussion about video games becoming a bigger part of the Las Vegas scene. Between the rise of eSports and the need to entice younger gamers, there is a clear opening for more arcade-style gambling. For that matter, there are even plans for a gaming-themed resort in Vegas. All in all though there’s actually been relatively little adaptation when it comes to turning conventional video games into casino experiences. This opens the door for Georgia properties to lead the way, though doing so would likely involve quite a lot o effort from developers, gambling authorities, and so on.

Strategic Openings

It would also be wise for Georgia casino properties to plan strategic grand openings if and when the time comes. For instance, if there are beach or island casinos, they should open at the height of the tourist season. If there’s a towering casino resort in Atlanta, perhaps it should open during a stretch of late-autumn home games for the Falcons. And you couldn’t imagine a much better scenario than opening up a college town gaming venue during SEC football season. These are simple ideas that have less to do with the design or functions of the casinos, but they’d still help to generate a lot of positive buzz right off the bat!

We’ll see if the Georgia casino idea ever amounts to anything. If it does though, it will be fun to see what the people in charge do to ensure that the state can develop an appealing in-state casino industry unique to Georgia.

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