Here are the winners of the Cherokee County School District’s Summer Reading Challenge

child reading
Photo by Jonathan Borba on Unsplash

Students in Cherokee County’s elementary, middle, and high schools were busy reading during the summer, as they took part in the school district’s summer reading challenge.

The school district announced the winners of the challenge this week and the hours spent reading by each school were impressive, to say the least.

E.T. Booth Middle school students logged the most minutes reading, with a whopping 16,602 minutes of reading. For those of you who aren’t quite sure of the math on that, it comes to almost 277 hours of reading.

Avery Elementary School won in the Elementary School category with 8,934 minutes, or about 149 hours of reading. The high school winner was River Ridge High School with 6,507 minutes or just over 108 hours.

Rounding out second and third place for high school were Sequoyah High School with 4,151 minutes and Cherokee High School with 3,101 minutes.

In Middle School, Dean Rusk Middle School came in second with 7,975 minutes and Woodstock Middle School was third with 4,588 minutes.

The second place Elementary School was Macedonia Elementary with 8,379 minutes and Bascomb Elementary came in third place with 8,354.

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