Police investigate hit-and-run crash between car and bicycle in Peachtree City

PEACHTREE CITY — Police in Peachtree City are investigating a collision between a car and a bicycle that occurred on Peachtree Parkway in the area of Fischers Luck just after 6:30 this morning.

Upon arrival at the scene, officers observed that a cyclist had injuries to his face and head area. Police say it was quickly apparent that he was a victim of a motor vehicle collision.

After preliminary investigations the Community Response Team discovered the the bicyclist was traveling southbound on Peachtree Parkway just north of Fisher’s Luck. The original witness located the man laying in the southbound lanes of Peachtree Parkway just north of Fisher’s Luck, thinking that he was debris in the roadway. She discovered that he was severely injured and she did not see another motor vehicle in the area. She and other motorists confirmed that he was conscious and called 911.

The victim was identified, his family was notified, and he was transported via life flight to an Atlanta trauma center with severe head injuries.  

The Peachtree City Police Department is offering a $1,000 reward for information regarding this case that leads to an arrest and conviction.

If you have information that you think would assist the Police Department please contact us at 770-487-8866

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